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At PAW Design we are passionate about design for print. Some say it’s an old fashioned medium with the increased popularity of online marketing but here are 6 reaosns they can be the best way to leave a lasting impression...

1. Create a winning first impression

In professional meetings or pitches where your meeting prospective clients for the first time, leaving a brochure for them to read through not only shows you as professional and organized but the way it is designed and printed can say a lot about your company before you even start.

2. Versatility

Brochures can be used to market or showcase your products and services at industry events, act as a guide or resource at presentations or simply a resource a client can keep as a permanent reminder of your business or to flick through if waiting in your lobby prior to a meeting.

3. Cost effective

With the increased popularity of digital printing, brochures have become relatively cheap to produce in smaller quantities meaning you don’t have to get 1000s printed by a Lithographic printer to make it cost effective. A simple brochure will boost a companies marketing efforts with little effort and cost.

4. Credibility

Unlike some online marketing efforts, a brochure that you have taken time and effort in producing makes your offering seem a bit more credible and legitimate creating added trust. It makes you look real, not just a name on a website.

5. Range of content

Brochures offer more room to display brand, product and company information on different pages. By also including reference or promotional content, your brochure becomes a valuable resource that people will keep and refer to.

6. Leave a lasting impression

We are all more likely to remember something we have experienced over something we have simply read on screen. A well designed and printed brochure will not only look visually appealing but because you touch and even smell it, this will trigger emotions that will help your business become more memorable.