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The Summer months can be slow with staff and clients away on holidays but we think this is an ideal time to ramp up your marketing. See why...

Capitalise on your competitors being away

Your competitors may be away on holiday or their staff may be away meaning they have to focus on other important business activities. By ramping up your marketing now, it will give you a chance to get ahead of the crowd.

Think about the best marketing strategy at this stage

email or web marketing may not be the best form of marketing at this time of year. With many people away your tweets or posts may get missed. When someone returns back to work from holiday they will have hundreds of emails to sift through and most will get deleted straight away. Direct mail may be a good form of marketing to choose at this stage as it will sit on someones desk and get opened once they have settled back in. It could be a simple flyer or something more creative to grab their attention.

Outsource your marketing

With part your team away you may not have someone to keep on top of your marketing efforts. Outsourcing your design and marketing requirements to a freelancer or marketing or design agency means you will always have a dedicated design and marketing person or team working for you whatever time of the year.

We help our clients keep ahead of their competition by thinking about the best solutions for them and always looking for new ways to keep them ahead of the competion all year round.

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