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Graphic design is all about communication. As Graphic Designers we use colour, type, space and imagery to communicate how a company is perceived.
So what does your brand say about you.

 The best way we can communicate a certain feeling or interaction within a piece of marketing is to create an emotional attachment to it so that we can remember it easier. There are many ways to create an emotion in your branding but 2 key areas is through the use of colour and type.

Upto 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on colour alone, depending on the product.

That is a staggering figure. That means that 90% of customers will instantly get a feeling that they may like or dislike your company or product simply by its colour. Therefore choosing the right colour is key

Think how some colours make you feel. Take red and yellow for example alot of fast food chains such as McDonalds and BurgerKing use these colours because they give a sense of speed, appetite, excitement and youthfulness. IT and web based companies tend to use blue colours as this gives a sense of Trust, strength and dependability.

So what does your Brand colour say about your company?

There are over 90,000 typefaces available today - so why stick to Arial or comic sans?

With a number of websites offering hundreds of free fonts why not get a bit creative and start experimenting with different fonts as choosing the right font for your brand can also impact its personality. To start with choose 1 of the 5 basic font categories, Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Handwritten and Display.

Serif fonts are more traditional and professional looking. They are more legible in printed material so best to use if you produce a lot of printed documents or brochures. Sans serif fonts are more crisp and modern looking. They are also more legible on screen so best if your company mainly markets itself online. Script fonts have a more sophisticated classic and feminine feel to them. You will often find them used in beauty related businesses. Handwritten fonts can give a more casual and friendly feel. However use with caution as if used too much it could start to look amateurish or child like. Finally Display fonts come in a wide variety of designs and styles, perfect if you are wanting to add a bit of originality to your brand.

So take a look at the graphic above to see how we have taken a widely recognised brand such as McDonalds and changed the way it communicates just by changing its colour and typeface. What new perceptions do you have of these rebranded logos and what do you think they may do?